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Lip Augmentation and Enhancement

Lip Augmentation and Enhancement

Lips have always been one of the attractive features of the human face. No wonder then that a great deal of care and attention is lavished on them to get that perfect look. The skin of the lips is easily the most delicate and sensitive part and they reflect the health of an individual. Soft pink lips are the sign of good health and metabolism while pale lips can indicate signs of illness or bad health.

Ever since news about celebrities undergoing treatments and enhancements to create perfect lip shapes hit headlines, the focus on having ‘perfect lips’ has only increased multifold. It immediately brings to mind speculations about cosmetic procedures that Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner underwent to give their lips the perfect look.

Lip enhancement has always been an integral part of a woman’s personal care routine from time immemorial; the habit of outlining lips to make them appear smaller or fuller has been followed since olden days. Applying colors and dyes to the lips to make them a stand-out feature has also been a practice that is not recent. However, it is only in recent times that lip enhancements have taken the form of surgical procedures and implants to alter their shape.

As we age, the skin around the eyes and lips develop wrinkles and start to sag. This greatly alters the shape of the lips making them appear to droop or become flat especially along the ‘V’ of the upper lip. For those in the limelight such as showbiz, appearance counts a lot and many undertake cosmetic procedures to delay ageing. The aspect of ageing gracefully is another matter altogether!

Lip augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery on the lips; it is a non-surgical procedure that increases the fullness of lips using fillers which are injected into the lips. But these are temporary in nature and have to be redone every six to nine months.

Benefits of lip fillers

For women with naturally thin or lips that are thinning with advancing age, lip fillers offer:

• A better, more defined smile
• Youthful appearance and fuller lips
• A solution for droopy corners

But in the midst of so much paranoia about looking good and being concerned about appearance all the time, many people tend to forget that such cosmetic procedures always have their share of risks and downsides. Blotched plastic surgeries for enhancement and alteration have made news headlines all over the world, in some cases even causing the death of the person concerned. In a few instances, people have resorted to committing suicide because a procedure that was supposedly termed ‘minor’ or ‘harmless’ actually caused so much damaged preventing them from being seen in public altogether.

Lip Augmentation and Enhancement

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How to Apply the Perfect Lip Color and Blush

Lip color is essential to makeup applications. When choosing a lip color take into consideration your skin tone, eye color and lip shape. For the most flattering lipstick choose a color that is one or two shades darker than your skin tone. Here are the general rules for lipstick selection. If you have light skin (fair skin) you should choose neutral or nude, pinks and coral colors. Medium skin tones look great with deep mauve, burgundy, and rose colors. If your skin is dark you have a little more flexibility a lighter color such as champagne or walnut colors are ideal during the day and darker colors such as deep purples or wine colors for the evening. Applying lip color can be a little tricky; we are use to applying lip color by taking our lipstick and going around in a complete circle or the back and forth method on each lip. You should apply your lipstick starting at the outer corner of the upper lip stopping in the middle. Repeat on the opposite side. Connect the center peak of the lips using rounded strokes. Be sure to follow the natural lip line. Repeat the same steps for the bottom lip.

Lip liner can also be used to help keep the lipstick from feathering. Lip liner is traditionally applied before the lipstick application; however in recent years lip liners have been applied after lipstick application this allows for easier blending. Lip liner should not be dramatically lighter or darker than your lip color; however if you choose to use a slightly darker lip liner be sure to blend to avoid harsh lip lines. Lip liner should be applied in the same manner as lipstick.

Blush or (cheek color) should give a natural looking glow to the face. It also makes the contour of the face more attractive. Cream color blushes resemble cream foundations and are generally used for dry to normal skin because they are usually oil-based. Liquid blush is suitable for all skin types. The most popular are the dry pressed blushes that come in a variety of shades. Here are the general rules to applying the perfect blush. First, apply where natural color would normally appear on the cheeks. Do not apply above the outer corner of the eye or toward the nose beyond the center of the eye. Secondly, blend the color so that it fades softly into the skin or foundation. Keep in mind to coordinate your cheek color with your eye makeup and lip color.


How to Shape Your Eyebrows

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

Many women assume that the best shape for any eyebrow is thin and arched. Because of this, they often end up taking too much hair off their brows ending up with a pencil thin look, which never looks good on anyone.

The ideal shape of an eyebrow is neat, slightly curved, and slim yet full. There are plenty of ways you can do this from eyebrow stencils to several eyebrow shapers to help you get great results. Here are some shapes that you can create that would look great on your face type:

For Sharp Features:

If you have sharp features, you should get eyebrows with rounded arches, which will bring more balance to your angular face.

When you only want to take any hair that is outside your shape, use eyebrow stencils to get the perfect shape on the top of the brow. This will result in neater, yet rounder lines. You can also use an eyebrow shaper, which will help you direct the hair in the direction that you want.

At the end, you can always use a brow pencil to neaten the look, making sure that the color matches your complexion.

For Brows That Need a Lift:

For mature women, the graceful arch can be a lifesaver, as it gives your face an overall lift while looking stylish. However, do not go overboard with the tweezers as you can easily venture into the crazy lady category giving yourself a permanently surprised look.

Use eyebrow revitalizers and eyebrow pencils to darken and fill your eyebrows. Eyebrow shapers would always come in handy when styling your eyebrows into an arch.

Natural Looking Brows:

If you want your brows to look like they haven’t been plucked, without looking unkempt and overgrown, try balancing out your brows with your facial features. Use eyebrow stencils to determine how much hair you want to leave on, and then use tweezers to pluck any excessive hair from the edges.

This way you will have all natural brows, without looking severe or made-up.

Shapely, Made Up Brows:

Made-up brows help enhance your facial features making them more defined and prominent. Use eyebrow fillers if you have smaller brows to enhance your look. However, if you naturally have full eyebrows than use eyebrow stencils to create the perfect shape with your brows.

Add definition and color by using products like eyebrow gel and powder to give them the perfect look and have brows that will inspire envy from everyone who’s looking.


Lipsticks – Tips For Picking Your Shade

Lipsticks – Tips For Picking Your Shade

Lipsticks as a power all to its own. It’s a well known that fact that most men feel red lipstick is just downright sexy! Not only is red lipstick color sexy, doing the totally opposite and pair up a pale lipstick color with smoky eyes makeup and you are a force to be hold! To get away with wearing a bold lipstick color one must always play down the rest of your makeup.

The truth is any color lipstick is amazing on you if you apply it correctly and making sure you are not wearing the wrong color for your skin tone.

The number one tip is you must remember you must wear either bold lipstick with minimal eye makeup or smoky eyes with a nude lipstick or just lip gloss. But not both at the same time! It just makes you look overdone and takes away from your appeal.

Did you know the right shade of lipstick can make your entire face look brighter, clearer and more radiant? Pick the wrong shade and it will you look too pale and washed out.

How do you pick the right shade of lipstick?

The best way is to base the lipstick color by your skin tone. Here are a few tips for picking your everyday lipstick shade.

Fair Skin: This skin tone looks best flattered by pale pinks and berries. This does not mean frosty shades of pink either. Wear a pink close to the same shade as your lips to really stand out.

Medium and Olive Skin: This skin tone looks their prettiest in shades of apricots, beiges, and bronzy nudes. Again try wearing a shade closes to your own lips.

Dark Skin Tones: This skin tone is really complemented by mauves, sheer reds and berries.

All skin tones need to stay away from frosty shades of any color because it will just wash your face out as well as out-date you. Those shades went out in the 80’s and need to stay there!

Did you know that one way to pick your approximate lipstick shades is by looking in your jewelry box! Yes for real!

Take a look in your jewelry box, if you love silver, chances you are have cool-undertones to your skin. Which means you should be looking into lipstick colors with more of a silvery-blue undertones. The idea is these shades of lipstick help off set any yellow your teeth may have from age and it makes them seem brighter and whiter!

If you are a lover of gold jewelry its very likely you have warm-based under-tones to your skin. These means you should be looking for shades of lipsticks that have yellow-golden undertones.

How funny that our lipstick shades can be picked by the choices we make in our jewelry!

Daytime lipstick shades are not the same as what you would wear out when going on a date.

Nighttime shades of lipstick colors can be more dramatic and really show off your own personal sense of style! Just remember rule number one, bold lips or bold eyes never both!

Here are a few ways to pick the right shade of lipstick for your next hot date!

Fair Skin: This skin tone looks warm and very inviting in deep berries and rich wine shades.

Medium and Olive Skin: This skin tone just rocks and glows when you accent your look with shades of browns and raisins.

Dark Skin: Your skin tone just looks totally dazzling in burgundies and plums.

There you have it, tips in picking the next killer lipsticks shade! The color lipsticks will draw him to your like moths to candlelight, wrong shade might scare him off before he even gets to know you!

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How to Select Liquid Foundation Makeup

When it comes to make-up and how good it looks on your skin, foundation make-up is the key. Foundation makeup is very important as it helps you achieve that flawless look you always wanted to have. When it comes to foundation application, applying liquid foundation helps you smooth out you skin, and helps you get even looking skin tone. It also serves many other purposes, such as concealing blemishes, hiding other minor facial imperfections, and as a result it gives you a healthy glow.

Sometimes what happens is that if you don’t apply a foundation base, other makeup can bring facial imperfections in more focused view. As a result they become more visible. This gives us a one good reason to apply foundation makeup in order to get the natural look.

There are so many products to choose from, so the choice can be difficult. So here, I’m going to give you guys some tips on how to select the best foundation for yourself; One that will hopefully work quite well with your skin type.

First off, selecting the right color of foundation is very important. You have to select the color of foundation that closely matches your skin tone. Most of the time people end up selecting a color that is either too light or too dark for their skin. What it does is that it makes their skin look un-natural. Their skin may look pale or washes out; something that can be noticed from a mile. If your makeup is too dark, it may also leave lines between the jaw and neck. So you don’t want to look like that; you don’t want to appear as if you are wearing some kind of a mask. Therefore, you should select a color that matches your skin-type and also blends quite well.

Another thing you have to keep in mind when selecting the color is that your skin-tone change throughout the year. During the summer months, it may look slightly darker or tanned because of the entire expose to sun. So you may need more than one foundation that could help you with different times of the year.

Next thing you want to consider is whether you should get liquid or powder foundation. Get powder foundation if you need sheer or minimal coverage and liquid if you want more coverage. Liquid foundations also provide that extra bit of moisturizer. So if you have a really dry skin, liquid foundation can be a perfect choice for you.

Eyeshadow Palette – Expert Advice

Having a quality Eyeshadow Palette with a variety of colors is the starting point for creating a mesmerizing look. The 120 Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Kit features colors and tones such as yellow, green, blue and purple. One of the benefits of using this eye make-up kit is that the eye make up is smooth and feels light on the eye. The different colors makes it easy to create even and long lasting effects. The cosmetic case of the eyeshadow palettes comes in a case around 9″X 6″ in measurement. Some of the ingredients include titanium white powder and mica powder.

Here are some tips for creating a beautiful eye with the Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette:

How To Create the Smoky Eyes Look

Smoky eyes can create a mysterious effect on a woman; making her look smouldering hot. It is the perfect look for cocktail or special events. The key to creating this perfect look is to master the blending technique. The wearer must mix light base colors with dark colors and make it look natural at the same time. Some mixture ideas include deep purple, champagne and bright blue. Other beautiful colors to use include peach and green. The first step is to prep the eye. Start with an eyeshadow base. This would be the ‘primer’. Using MAC eyeshadow brushes is recommended in order to create the perfect blend. Another great product is the Fresh Fresh-face Perfecting Eye Primer. The next step is to apply eyeliner around the lining of the eye. Apply the liner on the top of the eye lash and make a thicker lining in the middle of the eye. To create a jewel-tones eye, use violet colors or greens. Peach colors are look good as well.

To create a more dazzling effect on the eye, sweep a little shimmer eyeshadow palette under the eye. This will make the eyes pop. The shimmer should be a light color. Cream colors look great under the eye. It also does a good job of hiding any flaws such as dark circles. To finish the look, sweep some of the light shimmer under the brow of the eyebrow. If you want to go for a different color, try taupe and pearl colors.

A darker color will need to be blended below the crease of the eye. This is the key to the smoky eyes effect. A darker eyeshadow will be needed. Black, gray and dark green are good options. Using an eyebrush blender or eyeshadow brush, start at the lash line and move the brush up. Make sure to blend in the makeup until the line disappears. This is how to create the perfect eye with eyeshadow color palette.

Choosing Foundation Or Base Makeup by Skin Type

Definition of foundation, or base: A skin colored makeup applied to the face to cover blemishes, lines, dryness, oiliness, or uneven skin tones. If you already have perfect skin, you can stop reading this now. Ok, on to some honest, basic info for the rest of us ‘real women.’ We will go over some problem areas and give results of how to correct the appearance of each. There are five possible skin imperfections that foundation can help to minimize:

1. Blemishes:
A. Start with a light oil free lotion.
B. Use a blemish stick that calms and covers. Dab directly onto the blemish (using ring finger to blend if needed)
C. If step A leaves you feeling comfortable and confident, Don’t apply any more face makeup. If you need just a bit more coverage, skip to step E.
D. Apply an oil-free liquid base makeup with a sponge applicator. Pay special attention to the neck line, blending downward a bit to prevent a ‘mask’ look.
E. Seal the face by using a large brush to apply loose powder. Avoid the compressed powders with the spongy applicators, as these close the pores to much, causing blemishes to become worse.

2. Lines:
A. Start with a facial lotion that contains spf. Blocking the sun out will help to prevent further wrinkles.
B. Apply a smooth satin, crème foundation with spf using a sponge applicator.
C. Use a large brush to apply loose powder, only if needed! Please skip this step if not needed. You will look lovely for about the first hour, but as the day wears on, the powder will seep into the lines, causing them to be more visible.

3. Dryness:
A. Start with a good all day moisturizer.
B. Apply a crème to powder foundation. This is done in one step usually. Most brands come with an applicator sponge. Use the one provided, as it will usually blend the best. Avoid using your fingers, as this can result in a ‘streaky’ look.
C. Lucky you, there is no step C, your base and powder were in one step!

4. Oiliness:
A. Don’t skip on the lotion. You may feel like you don’t need it, because your skin is oily. That is not true though. If you attempt to dry out the skin by avoiding lotion, your skin will produce even more oil. So go ahead and dab some oil free lotion on before your makeup.
B. Apply an oil free liquid base with a sponge applicator.
C. Dust the entire face with loose powder using a large brush.
D. If your face gets oily throughout the day. Do not apply more powder, as this will close the pores to much, producing even more oil and possibly blemishes.

5. Uneven Skin Tone:
A. Begin with a soft, silky lotion.
B. Choose a powder to base foundation that matches you neck. Apply with the sponge applicator that comes with the foundation.
C. That’s it, you look great. No need to keep applying more if the imperfection has been dealt with.

How to Get Full, Sexy Lips

You don’t need chemicals injected into your skin to get full, sexy lips. A few easy, painless and cheap cosmetic tricks can give you that extra plump appearance, no doctors or scary medical procedures required.

Always use lip liner to help enhance and outline your natural lip. Just using this product can help your lips stand out. If you want lips that are fuller, apply the lip liner just outside your natural lip line. You don’t want to go too far away from the lips, or the lip liner becomes obvious. Applying it just above your lips gives a full appearance that doesn’t seem fake.

If you’re adding size to your lips with lip liner, you may want to use a foundation base first. Applying foundation to your lips will help drown out the natural lines and make your new lips lines appear much more natural. Be careful about using too much foundation, though. It can cake and flake, making your lips look gunked up.

Though dark lipstick colors make your lips much more dramatic, they also tend to minimize size. Lighter shades of lipstick also have some drama, but keep your lips looking full and luscious. Any lighter lipsticks that draw attention to your lips are a bonus, such as products with gloss or glitter.

Apply your lipstick with a thin brush to help blend the lip liner in with the lipstick. Applying lipstick directly from the tube will leave that telltale line between the two products.

You always want some gloss on your lips to help make them seem plump. You can use a glossy lipstick, lip plumping lipstick or lip gloss over your lipstick for extra shine. If you’re budget is tight, try a little petroleum jelly smeared over the color with a cotton swab to add a little gloss.

Add some shine to your overall lip area to give an overall enhancement to your lip size. If you want to add a pouty look to your lips, apply some shine to the middle of the lower lip. If you want to make your lips seem more kissable and puckered, add some shine to the middle of the upper and lower lip.

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Lipstick Tips – How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly

The wrong color lipstick, heavy lip liner and lips that have been “drawn on” are common makeup mistakes that will ruin your overall look. Many women who are unsure of how to wear lipstick skip that step totally leaving makeup looking unbalanced.

Perfect looking lips are attainable and begin with an ideal lip line. You can have lips that look like a makeup artist did them simply by following a few important steps.

1. When applying foundation continue over the lips to provide a base for lip liner and lipstick.

2. Keeping your mouth-closed trace a fine line around the lips with a sharp pencil. A blunt pencil will make blending more difficult. Start at the v of the top lip and move outward to lip corners by making short strokes (rest your hand on your chin for better control). After you have penciled in the top lip, begin from the middle of the bottom lip and move outward also. Follow the natural lip line.

3. To make lips look larger follow the outer edge of the natural lip line making sure not to go over the natural lip line. To make lips look smaller follow the inside of the natural lip line.

4. Lipstick will stay on longer if the whole lip is filled in with lip liner before lipstick is applied. If you decide to use this technique, be aware that darker lip liner will darken the look of your lipstick. And, if you are going for a light look use a light lip liner.

5. Now that lips are filled in, apply lipstick with a lipstick brush (using a lip brush will give you more control). When lipstick has been applied, with lips closed, lay a tissue across both lips to blot.

You are ready to go, with perfect lips. Continue with touch ups during the day. If you are not used to wearing lipstick, it will probably take awhile to get used to having your lips done and not “eating” the lipstick. The plus to having nice lips, aside from the obvious, is you will never be plagued with dry lips again an over time they become softer. That’s certainly reason enough to take care of your lips.

Makeup For Adoring Eyes

The eye is the “mirror of the soul”, so it has to reflect the inner beauty. For a modern woman, who wishes her eyes to create the statement here is the eye makeup tips that can clearly illustrates her adoring beauty.

From Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, who lined her eyes with a black coal to the contemporary female executives, women have been using makeup to emphasise their eyes’ beauty. Making the eyes come alive is a real art and like any good artist one has to learn the basic tips of accurate brush work and colour blending. The basic rule in any eye makeup is to create the right base. In doing so, those dark circles around the eyes can be hid to create a smooth surface for other makeup cosmetics.

The most important part of eye makeup is in shaping the eyes correctly. This is done with eye shadow, using the theory of light versus dark. Eye shadow balances the appearance of the eyes. The eye shadow one selects should be appropriate for the skin tone and occasion.

The first advice for eye makeup is to start with a good eye cream. This will smooth and keep the skin around your eyes moist. Regularly apply them for three days and examine the difference. Remember to use your ring finger when applying the eye cream since it exerts the least amount of pressure.

Many women have problems with puffy eyes when they wake up every morning. Applying eye cream or eye gel helps in reducing such swelling of the eyes and one feels very refreshing.

In case you do not like to use heavy makeup for the eyes, your makeup box should include eyebrow pencils, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara and concealer. These cosmetic will care your eyes to perfection.

Eye makeup can improve the facial appearance enhancing the natural beauty. It will make one look beautiful, helping to conceal the enigma of aging. If makeup is applied properly to the eyes, it will have a great impact on the appearance. It also reflects strongly to one’s personality, how they feel about themselves, boosting self esteem and making them more attractive. When applying concealer to the eye, pat it on with the ring finger and do not rub. A flat nylon brush or sponge will be used to apply the concealer. Concealing creams are available in light, medium and dark shades.

If one has a small eye, never apply liner to the inner rims. Put it above or below the lash line. Flesh coloured eyes shadows, brushed on to your brown bone will open your eyes. If the eyes are very round, apply a natural kohl pencil around the whole eye. For very narrow or almond-shaped eyes, open with the brown shaped trick or pencil the outer corner.

Women should never darken the eyebrows since it will dominate the eyes and rest of the face. Too much eyebrow pencil can ruin the impact of the rest of the makeup. The eyebrow pencil should be used sparingly and fill in those areas only that requires it. For women having very thick eyebrows, eyebrow pencil must be neglected. Rather, tweezing and arching of the brows may be required in such cases. When tweezing, make sure to hold the skin tightly. Tweeze at the root of the hair and in the direction that the hair grows. Remove only those hairs under the arch of the eyebrow.

Eye Pencils
Eye pencils should glide on smoothly, without dragging the skin. If they are soft and crumbly, keep them in a freezer before applying, If they are too hard and pull at the skin, soften the point first by gently running it over the back of the hand.

Eyeliner is used to define the shape of an eye. It is also used to make the base of the eye lashes appear thicker. The eyeliner colours should be consistent with the hair colour. For a blonde or brunette, brown eyeliner is a best option.

Eye Mascara
Mascara gives the appearance of larger eye lashes. When applying makeup, it is applied in the end. For those eyes having brown or black hair, black mascara would be most appropriate. For lighter or blonde, brownish black mascara is preferred.

Applying Concealer
Concealers will be applied to remove dark circles, scars, tattoos, blemishes and pimples so as to enhance the appearance of the face. Concealer goes under foundation and is used for spot treatments. They are more opaque than regular makeup, but still need to be matched to the skin tone and are applied before using the harmony foundation. They are also formulated that the subsequent application of makeup does not remove them.

Applying Mascara
Before applying mascara, curling of eye lashes with a lash curler is necessary to open up the eyes. This will frame the eyes, especially if the lashes are short. Mascara is applied in two coats by placing the finger about mid-lid or on the eyebrow. Once the first application has dried, apply a second. For thicker lashes, carefully apply mascara to the upper side of the lashes as well.

Applying Eyebrow Pencil

Draw thin lines in the direction of eyebrows to define and fill in light areas. Never draw an outline around the eyebrow as this gives an unnatural look.

Applying Eyeliner

The desired effect of an eyeliner pencil is to create the illusion of darkness just above the lash line to enhance the look of the lashes. Gently pull the lid skin to start at the inner part of the lid and draw a thin line smoothly and evenly along the upper lid. A very thin pencil line should be extended very closely to the lash line along the innermost part of the upper lid near the nose. This is often forgotten yet always adds an attractive natural definition to the eye. For achieving a natural look, place a few tiny dots of colour close to the lash roots along the lowers lashes.

Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner achieves a more dramatic emphasis to the eyes. It is best used when a dramatic and more glamour look is desired. The tip is to carefully apply so as to obtain the look one wants.

Applying Eye Shadow

The purpose for applying eye shadow to the lids is to maximise the eye shape using up to three different eye shades: light, medium and dark. Medium tones are generally more neutral base shades. Light is for highlighting the shade and the dark is for contouring. For smoother eye shadow application that last longer, try applying a thin layer of yellow corrector powder to the eyelids before applying shadow.

To reduce eye strain and improve vision is a must for every adoring eye. Here are few exercises for keeping the eye comfortable and rejuvenating stamina.

Massaging the temples will help to relax and lessen eyestrain. By using the tips of the index or second finger gently rotate the depression on either side of the forehead on a level with eyebrows. Do this for a minute or two changing from a clockwise to an anti clockwise motion from time to time. One can do this easy exercise particularly to feel less tense.

Using the first two fingers and thumb of either hand just gently pinch or rub the bony bridge of the nose. This helps great for removing tension and headaches.

Just below the cheekbone and under the outside corner of each eye is an important massage area. Any fingertip will do to stimulate this location. Simply rotate both sides at the same time using gentle pressure. One can feel an effect on the eyes when trying to smile at the same time.

Women’s eyes are the most exciting and expressive feature, so emphasising them with the above makeup advice is extremely important. Are you ready to give the eyes a mysterious and exotic allure!