Makeup For Adoring Eyes

The eye is the “mirror of the soul”, so it has to reflect the inner beauty. For a modern woman, who wishes her eyes to create the statement here is the eye makeup tips that can clearly illustrates her adoring beauty.

From Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, who lined her eyes with a black coal to the contemporary female executives, women have been using makeup to emphasise their eyes’ beauty. Making the eyes come alive is a real art and like any good artist one has to learn the basic tips of accurate brush work and colour blending. The basic rule in any eye makeup is to create the right base. In doing so, those dark circles around the eyes can be hid to create a smooth surface for other makeup cosmetics.

The most important part of eye makeup is in shaping the eyes correctly. This is done with eye shadow, using the theory of light versus dark. Eye shadow balances the appearance of the eyes. The eye shadow one selects should be appropriate for the skin tone and occasion.

The first advice for eye makeup is to start with a good eye cream. This will smooth and keep the skin around your eyes moist. Regularly apply them for three days and examine the difference. Remember to use your ring finger when applying the eye cream since it exerts the least amount of pressure.

Many women have problems with puffy eyes when they wake up every morning. Applying eye cream or eye gel helps in reducing such swelling of the eyes and one feels very refreshing.

In case you do not like to use heavy makeup for the eyes, your makeup box should include eyebrow pencils, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara and concealer. These cosmetic will care your eyes to perfection.

Eye makeup can improve the facial appearance enhancing the natural beauty. It will make one look beautiful, helping to conceal the enigma of aging. If makeup is applied properly to the eyes, it will have a great impact on the appearance. It also reflects strongly to one’s personality, how they feel about themselves, boosting self esteem and making them more attractive. When applying concealer to the eye, pat it on with the ring finger and do not rub. A flat nylon brush or sponge will be used to apply the concealer. Concealing creams are available in light, medium and dark shades.

If one has a small eye, never apply liner to the inner rims. Put it above or below the lash line. Flesh coloured eyes shadows, brushed on to your brown bone will open your eyes. If the eyes are very round, apply a natural kohl pencil around the whole eye. For very narrow or almond-shaped eyes, open with the brown shaped trick or pencil the outer corner.

Women should never darken the eyebrows since it will dominate the eyes and rest of the face. Too much eyebrow pencil can ruin the impact of the rest of the makeup. The eyebrow pencil should be used sparingly and fill in those areas only that requires it. For women having very thick eyebrows, eyebrow pencil must be neglected. Rather, tweezing and arching of the brows may be required in such cases. When tweezing, make sure to hold the skin tightly. Tweeze at the root of the hair and in the direction that the hair grows. Remove only those hairs under the arch of the eyebrow.

Eye Pencils
Eye pencils should glide on smoothly, without dragging the skin. If they are soft and crumbly, keep them in a freezer before applying, If they are too hard and pull at the skin, soften the point first by gently running it over the back of the hand.

Eyeliner is used to define the shape of an eye. It is also used to make the base of the eye lashes appear thicker. The eyeliner colours should be consistent with the hair colour. For a blonde or brunette, brown eyeliner is a best option.

Eye Mascara
Mascara gives the appearance of larger eye lashes. When applying makeup, it is applied in the end. For those eyes having brown or black hair, black mascara would be most appropriate. For lighter or blonde, brownish black mascara is preferred.

Applying Concealer
Concealers will be applied to remove dark circles, scars, tattoos, blemishes and pimples so as to enhance the appearance of the face. Concealer goes under foundation and is used for spot treatments. They are more opaque than regular makeup, but still need to be matched to the skin tone and are applied before using the harmony foundation. They are also formulated that the subsequent application of makeup does not remove them.

Applying Mascara
Before applying mascara, curling of eye lashes with a lash curler is necessary to open up the eyes. This will frame the eyes, especially if the lashes are short. Mascara is applied in two coats by placing the finger about mid-lid or on the eyebrow. Once the first application has dried, apply a second. For thicker lashes, carefully apply mascara to the upper side of the lashes as well.

Applying Eyebrow Pencil

Draw thin lines in the direction of eyebrows to define and fill in light areas. Never draw an outline around the eyebrow as this gives an unnatural look.

Applying Eyeliner

The desired effect of an eyeliner pencil is to create the illusion of darkness just above the lash line to enhance the look of the lashes. Gently pull the lid skin to start at the inner part of the lid and draw a thin line smoothly and evenly along the upper lid. A very thin pencil line should be extended very closely to the lash line along the innermost part of the upper lid near the nose. This is often forgotten yet always adds an attractive natural definition to the eye. For achieving a natural look, place a few tiny dots of colour close to the lash roots along the lowers lashes.

Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner achieves a more dramatic emphasis to the eyes. It is best used when a dramatic and more glamour look is desired. The tip is to carefully apply so as to obtain the look one wants.

Applying Eye Shadow

The purpose for applying eye shadow to the lids is to maximise the eye shape using up to three different eye shades: light, medium and dark. Medium tones are generally more neutral base shades. Light is for highlighting the shade and the dark is for contouring. For smoother eye shadow application that last longer, try applying a thin layer of yellow corrector powder to the eyelids before applying shadow.

To reduce eye strain and improve vision is a must for every adoring eye. Here are few exercises for keeping the eye comfortable and rejuvenating stamina.

Massaging the temples will help to relax and lessen eyestrain. By using the tips of the index or second finger gently rotate the depression on either side of the forehead on a level with eyebrows. Do this for a minute or two changing from a clockwise to an anti clockwise motion from time to time. One can do this easy exercise particularly to feel less tense.

Using the first two fingers and thumb of either hand just gently pinch or rub the bony bridge of the nose. This helps great for removing tension and headaches.

Just below the cheekbone and under the outside corner of each eye is an important massage area. Any fingertip will do to stimulate this location. Simply rotate both sides at the same time using gentle pressure. One can feel an effect on the eyes when trying to smile at the same time.

Women’s eyes are the most exciting and expressive feature, so emphasising them with the above makeup advice is extremely important. Are you ready to give the eyes a mysterious and exotic allure!

How to Use Makeup to Contour Your Face

Professional makeup artists know how to use makeup to contour your face and create the illusion of perfection, even without any airbrush or Photoshop tricks. For the rest of us, contouring is often seen as only existing successfully on the stage or at a professional photo shoot. This is certainly not the case! When done correctly, contouring is a simple and easy way to make your face look slimmer and your features more defined and radiant. We’ve got three tricks that will help you learn how to use your makeup to contour your face that you can master quickly.

You will need to have some good makeup brushes on hand to use these methods effectively. If you don’t already own some, consider buying a starter set of good quality brushes from one of the better makeup lines like Trish McEvoy or MAC. You can also buy individual ones to fill in any gaps in your brush kit. My favorite ones are from Bobbi Brown. I’ve had them for years and they are still in excellent condition.

Now, grab your brushes and start sculpting!

1. How to Slim Your Face

A slimmer face is a goal that to some may only seem possible through weight loss, but with a little bit of contouring makeup, you can have a slimmer looking face in less than five minutes. You will need a non-shimmery, matte bronzer three shades darker than your skin tone and a small fluffy face or bronzer brush. If you are having difficulties finding a bronzer without shimmer, simply use a face powder a few shades darker than you would usually wear. Dip your brush lightly in the bronzer and create the “E” “3” shape on your face. To do this, start at your temple and curve the brush around and under your cheekbone, then back around and under your jaw. This creates a letter “E” on your left side and a number “3” on your right side. Then, use a clean brush or makeup sponge to blend any harsh lines.

2. How to Sculpt Your Nose

A simple trick to making your nose seem slimmer and straighter involves the same bronzer or dark face powder you used to contour your face and an eyeshadow brush. Dip your eyeshadow brush lightly in the bronzer and run it vertically down from the bridge of the nose to the tip on each side of your nose, leaving the center of your nose clean. To create a more defined tip of the nose, create a tiny “V” under the tip of the nose using the bronzer and eyeshadow brush. Use a clean fluffy brush to blend all harsh lines.

3. The Best Way to Use Highlighting

The last step to creating a perfectly defined and contoured face is to highlight your key features. You can use a liquid, cream, or powder highlighter in the color and shade of your choice. For this step, a shimmery product is preferred. If you are using a powder highlighter, clean your small fluffy brush from the face contouring step and use it to brush the highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, down the center of your nose, in the middle of your forehead, and on your cupid’s bow. If you choose a liquid or cream highlighting product, repeat the same steps using your fingers and blend out lightly. For a long-lasting effect, layer your products by first using a cream or liquid highlighter, then going over it with a corresponding powder highlighter.

All done! Now you know how to use your makeup to contour your face and all you have to do is practice. It may take you a few times and a little experimenting to find the right colors, but you’ll be amazed at the difference a few contouring tricks can make.

Make-Up Application – Getting The Base Right

In order for a woman’s make-up to look good the base needs to be good and by base I don’t just mean foundation (although that certainly helps) – I mean skin. If your skin is clean and well-hydrated your make-up will sit better on your face. Getting the skincare right and buying the correct products for your particular skin will pay dividends. Good skincare can help control oily skin so that you don’t feel like your face make-up is sliding off and can help hydrate dry skin so that your foundation doesn’t disappear leaving an orange peel effect behind. When looking at cleansers for instance my advice would be to purchase a wash-off cleanser for an oily skin and a cream cleanser for a dry skin, normal skins have a choice.

Also, eating lots of fruit and vegetables and going easy on the chocolate can also show on your face.

When you are satisfied with your base we can move on to make-up base and even here I wouldn’t go straight onto a foundation. There are lots of great skin adjusters around which applied before foundation can subtly adjust your skin’s colour, for example a green or yellow highlighter can work wonders with reddish cheeks or chins calming down the redness till believe it or believe it not you can actually apply blusher over foundation!

Foundation comes next and is the single item of make-up which women worry about the most. This is where it helps to get make-up advice from a colour or image consultant as people good with colour can help you get the base colour right be it yellow-base foundation for warmer tones or neutral or pink toned. Your foundation should match your skin and should be tested on the chin area rather than the back of your hand. Many people have foundation either too dark which is aging or the wrong tone. Texture can depend on your skin type and preference but there is a lot of choice from liquid to cream to powder.

Next I would go for any extra coverage requirements you have whether it be the odd blemish, the inside corners of your eyes or covering up under-eye circles and I would use concealer for these areas.

This may be followed by a light dusting of powder either loose or pressed but this is not always necessary depending on the wearer, their skin and age and what suits them. Loose powder gives the lighter more professional finish and has the added advantage of allowing you to apply two or three light applications one after the other if you are attending a special event and want your make-up to stay put for some time.

Pressed powder is less messy to use and can be quicker but has to be applied very lightly, ideally pressed on gently and then brushed off with a large powder brush in a downward motion. It is also an ideal powder to carry around if you want to touch up your make-up at work for instance. Quite often even if the rest of your skin is relatively normal and well behaved the t-zone can be oily and need blotting during the day and a little pressed powder is ideal for this.

Get the base right and you’re well on the way to getting the rest of your make-up right.

Select the Makeup Style and the Lipstick

What lipstick suits your character? Often the choice of color depends not only on the color of your hair, eyes and skin, as well as the dress, but on the condition of the soul. Listen to the advice of make-up artists and pick for yourself the perfect shade of lipstick or gloss!

You are a true perfectionist and try to be perfect at everything. Since childhood, you are accustomed to surround yourself with beautiful things only, and there are just beautiful people around you. The most important thing in life, you think, is the impression you make on people in a particular manner. Do you welcome the original style, never worry because of the small problems and always find a way out from difficult situations. You’re used to do everything on time, and to solve problems on the spot. Make-up artists advise such girls to choose a pink lipstick with a crimson hue or shade of cyclamen. The color looks good with a make-up in the retro style. Draw on the upper eyelids thin arrows, which give a fervor and youthful look, but never ever paint the intense shadows. Blue or green shadow would look vulgar and cheap.

You are a very energetic person, and love to try something new. Do you like to surround yourselves with a lot of people and charge them with original ideas? You belong to the type of eccentric artist. Do you like to visit the various exhibitions, theaters and cinemas, you are always aware of fashion news. These girls have many friends because their optimism and good humor is passed to all familiar people. Makeup artists recommend choosing orange lipstick shades, which can be perfectly combine with eye shadows of terra cotta, copper and red color. Be sure to apply fond de teint on your face and underline the cheeks with a coral-pink or peach blush. Never use auto tanning – showy orange lips “disappear” on the tanned skin.

You are a leader by nature; many appreciate you for your determination and honesty. Self-confident and courageous, you are ready to overcome the most difficult obstacles. When you appear at the office, you have the entire department hears and sees. Do you feel more comfortable in the company of men, and colleagues speak highly of you as a very sexy and charming personage in the team. You are used to cope with their responsibilities as “excellent” and are always configured only to win. Makeup artists advise you to choose a juicy red lipstick and minimalist eye makeup. For you, this is an ideal solution. Emphasize the brow line using a dark pencil and cover lashes with mascara. If you are used to the shadows, you should stop at the light matte shades. If you have very full lips in style a la Angelina Jolie, give up the rich red hue, and give preference to muted pastel shades of burgundy, otherwise you will look vulgar.

How to choose the color of the lipstick?

What to choose Garnet or maybe Pearl? You have tried dozens of colors of lipstick, but still not sure which one suits you perfectly. The Art of makeup is easy to learn! Lipstick – a unique tool that can transform your appearance. The lips become sexy and seductive. The lips, painted in luscious scarlet color, make a woman particularly attractive. Ladies rarely choose red shades of lipstick, though, in fact, they fit any young ladies. Makeup artists advise the mature women to use bright colors. The fuchsia lipstick or bright red lipstick is ideal for women over forty. No wonder many actresses are choosing bright lipstick. When you want to look spectacular, but don’t have enough time for the make-up, you can simply use the most luscious lipstick.

No matter if you area brunette or a blonde, you still have to learn to choose the right lipstick hue. Shades of red, there are dozens. When choosing consider the following rule: the tone of lipstick should be perfectly combined with the color of the skin, not clothing. For warm skin tones the red lipstick with the addition of yellow flowers – the brick and coral, would be perfect. The dark brown hues should be selected carefully; such a lipstick can make you look older can. The cold skin type is combined with purple and pink shades, as well as the fuchsia color. These color shades benefit the skin, and do not contrast with it.

Saturated colors will blend in perfectly when you use moisturizing, matte lipstick that gives the lips an extraordinary satin gloss. Bold and bright lipsticks do not look aesthetically during the day time.

If you do not like bright lipstick, pick one that will cover the lips with a sherbet transparent color, will moisturize and give the look of freshness. For girls with narrow and small lips lighter shades lipstick would be perfect, but if you are the owner of large and plump lips, stop at the choice of a dark color lipstick.

Shades of red and the other rich and saturated colors look perfectly only on the groomed skin. If it is oily, apply a matting powder, as a dark lipstick can make a person look sick. When the skin looks grey and tired, and there are dark circles under eyes, bright lipstick only accentuate these problems. Girls with black hair also need to be cautious when buying a bright lipstick. It can create the effect of “theatrics” and vulgarity.

The most fashionable color of lipstick this season is all shades of pink. This is cyclamen, raspberry, caramel, and fuchsia. They are great to combine with tanned skin and give your face a fresh look.

Your Professional Makeup Tutorial

There’s always an occasion for a professional makeup tutorial. Whether it is for a special event, an important business appointment or a date, every woman of any age wants to look her best and seeks a professional makeup tutorial.

Starting with the basics, first make sure you have all the essentials, a concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, lipgloss, mascara etc. You don’t need to break the bank, just get what you can afford.

Follow the professional make-up artist’s advice. Begin with a clean face, apply a toner and moisturizer. Use a moisturizer regardless your skin type, especially before summer make-up, use one with sunscreen, avoiding the eye area. For more natural summer make-up, use a tinted moisturizer instead.

As the professional makeup artists do, wait a few minutes after cleaning your skin before putting it on. Use a foundation primer all over your face and neck, to smooth your skin and allow the makeup to last longer. For a natural look, summer or glamorous makeup, follow the same steps for the application of the concealer and foundation.

Your concealer must be a tone lighter than your skin, apply it under your eyes. On the problem areas you need to conceal the redness or discoloration. Pat it lightly to blend. Then apply your foundation, remember it should not add color to your skin. For summer, make sure your foundation matches your tanned skin, for better results use a sheer foundation. Start at the hairline work your way down to your neck, and around the eye area. A foundation brush will give you a professional makeup result. Use illuminator to give your skin a natural, summer makeup look.

To give your eyes a professional look use two shades of eyeshadow. First apply a natural shade on the area from lashes to eyebrow, and then a medium shade on the lower lid. For a natural look use natural tones, earthy shades. Use the lighter eyeshadow on the eyelid and light brown shades on the corners. Pastel shades such as golden-green, or mango green are great choices for summer makeup. For smokey eyes use dark shades and apply a third darker shade along the lash line to the outer corner of the eye. Use a fluff brush to blend in the shades. Lastly, apply eyeliner towards the outside corner, with gentle strokes along the lash line. For a professional summer makeup look, use sheer skin enhancer on your eyes, cheeks and d?colletage for a bright and natural glow.

If you have an eyelash curler use it before the mascara. For a natural look you may not need to apply any mascara. Using the tip of the wand apply the mascara to the ends of your lashes in an upward direction.

Finish off with a bronzer on cheekbones and chin to give yourself a beautiful summer makeup, or a blush for natural makeup. Your lipstick should follow the natural lip line. Apply lipstick or gloss with a brush.

To complete your professional makeup use pressed powder to lightly powder your face, nose and under the eyes. Whether you want a natural look, summer makeup, or glamorous one you follow the same steps for the application of the concealer and foundation but the eyeshadow must be chosen appropriately. Some professional tutorial advice; to go from daytime makeup into something more glamorous for evening, just add more blush, black eyeliner for more dramatic eyes. Finally, go for a classic red lipstick.

Keep in mind the difference between day makeup, night makeup, and special occasions. Day makeup is light and tinted with neutral colors. Night makeup has stronger colors. Special occasions take special items like false eyelashes, liquid liners, and highlighting under the eyes for professional makeup tutorials especially around holidays and celebrations.

How to Wear This Season’s Red Lips

Kissable red lips never seem to go out of fashion as US singer Katy Perry confirmed in her risqué summer anthem ‘I Kissed a Girl’ purring ‘Us girls we are so magical, soft skin, red lips so kissable’. Absolutely!

A sweep of red lipstick makes an big impact and has the power to transform an outfit from OK to WOW in seconds! Traffic-stopping red lips are everywhere, particularly during the Christmas party season, and will make you look and feel extra fabulous in that little black dress.

However, most of us are terrified of colouring our lips red and are convinced that we just can’t wear it. But we can! There is such a variety in red tones and hues, that everyone can wear a red lipstick. However, if you’re not sure this is going to be a look that lasts for you, look for brands that are great value for money – you don’t want to spend a fortune if you only wear red lips for very specific events. 17 or Rimmel have some fabulous shades and won’t break the bank.

Alternatively, try a brand that offers plenty of choice – No7 make-up, for example, has a great range of lip colours for you to pick from. But first, here are some top tips about what colour is best for you, and how you can wear this fashion must-have, and give the likes of Gwen Stefani and Scarlett Johansson a run for their money!

Firstly, choose the right hue. A shade that makes your friend look glamorous can make you look positively ghastly; hence, finding a shade that flatters your skin tone is the most important factor. For this, ask yourself this simple question: do you have you a ‘warm’ or a ‘cool’ complexion?

‘Warm’ complexions have yellow, olive and darker undertones and tan easier in the sun. If that’s you, then go for warmer reds with a brown base, such as brick or rusty red. ‘Cool’ complexions are pale with pink undertones and are prone to burning in the sun. Opt for true reds or reds with a pink, plum or blue undertone. A blue-red will also make your teeth look whiter and brighter.

Next comes the application, and lip liner is essential if you want to avoid looking like the Joker by the end of the night! As reds have a tendency to bleed, the first step of application should be to line and fill your lips with a lip liner that closely matches your natural lip colour. Then apply the red with a lip brush and lightly blot with a tissue. Alternatively, try softly sweeping some translucent face powder across your lips to give the colour some extra staying power and a more matte finish. Some make-up artists even cover lips with foundation or face powder before applying the lipstick, so experiment and see what works best for you.

Next, you have to know how to complement your red lips with the rest of your makeup. Since red lips make a dramatic statement, it’s vital to keep the rest of your face bare. To complete your look, simply groom your brows, add a touch of mascara and finish with a dash of blush. Keep nails neutral unless it’s a really special occasion – then, matching red nails will add that extra touch of glamour.

Finally, wear red with confidence. Red can make you feel sexy, powerful and give you va-va-voom! Wear it with pride, feel confident and don’t forget to smile!