How to Apply the Perfect Lip Color and Blush

lip color

Lip color is essential to makeup applications. When choosing a lip color take into consideration your skin tone, eye color and lip shape. For the most flattering lipstick choose a color that is one or two shades darker than your skin tone. Here are the general rules for lipstick selection. If you have light skin (fair skin) you should choose neutral or nude, pinks and coral colors. Medium skin tones look great with deep mauve, burgundy, and rose colors. If your skin is dark you have a little more flexibility a lighter color such as champagne or walnut colors are ideal during the day and darker colors such as deep purples or wine colors for the evening. Applying lip color can be a little tricky; we are use to applying lip color by taking our lipstick and going around in a complete circle or the back and forth method on each lip. You should apply your lipstick starting at the outer corner of the upper lip stopping in the middle. Repeat on the opposite side. Connect the center peak of the lips using rounded strokes. Be sure to follow the natural lip line. Repeat the same steps for the bottom lip.

Lip liner can also be used to help keep the lipstick from feathering. Lip liner is traditionally applied before the lipstick application; however in recent years lip liners have been applied after lipstick application this allows for easier blending. Lip liner should not be dramatically lighter or darker than your lip color; however if you choose to use a slightly darker lip liner be sure to blend to avoid harsh lip lines. Lip liner should be applied in the same manner as lipstick.

Blush or (cheek color) should give a natural looking glow to the face. It also makes the contour of the face more attractive. Cream color blushes resemble cream foundations and are generally used for dry to normal skin because they are usually oil-based. Liquid blush is suitable for all skin types. The most popular are the dry pressed blushes that come in a variety of shades. Here are the general rules to applying the perfect blush. First, apply where natural color would normally appear on the cheeks. Do not apply above the outer corner of the eye or toward the nose beyond the center of the eye. Secondly, blend the color so that it fades softly into the skin or foundation. Keep in mind to coordinate your cheek color with your eye makeup and lip color.