How to Get Full, Sexy Lips

You don’t need chemicals injected into your skin to get full, sexy lips. A few easy, painless and cheap cosmetic tricks can give you that extra plump appearance, no doctors or scary medical procedures required.

Always use lip liner to help enhance and outline your natural lip. Just using this product can help your lips stand out. If you want lips that are fuller, apply the lip liner just outside your natural lip line. You don’t want to go too far away from the lips, or the lip liner becomes obvious. Applying it just above your lips gives a full appearance that doesn’t seem fake.

If you’re adding size to your lips with lip liner, you may want to use a foundation base first. Applying foundation to your lips will help drown out the natural lines and make your new lips lines appear much more natural. Be careful about using too much foundation, though. It can cake and flake, making your lips look gunked up.

Though dark lipstick colors make your lips much more dramatic, they also tend to minimize size. Lighter shades of lipstick also have some drama, but keep your lips looking full and luscious. Any lighter lipsticks that draw attention to your lips are a bonus, such as products with gloss or glitter.

Apply your lipstick with a thin brush to help blend the lip liner in with the lipstick. Applying lipstick directly from the tube will leave that telltale line between the two products.

You always want some gloss on your lips to help make them seem plump. You can use a glossy lipstick, lip plumping lipstick or lip gloss over your lipstick for extra shine. If you’re budget is tight, try a little petroleum jelly smeared over the color with a cotton swab to add a little gloss.

Add some shine to your overall lip area to give an overall enhancement to your lip size. If you want to add a pouty look to your lips, apply some shine to the middle of the lower lip. If you want to make your lips seem more kissable and puckered, add some shine to the middle of the upper and lower lip.

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